I dig adventures, cats, nature, snowboarding, being happy, psychedelics, good vibes, sensational music and so so so much more. Feel free to talk to me :) meow meow :3

I wonder if anyone has ever been beautifully in love with me….




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my only talent is not being in a relationship


Angel Aura Quartz

This crystal is a master healer, and stimulates the immune system.  It brings the body into balance and excellent in soothing burns.  Angel Aura Quartz Crystal uplifts one’s mood and puts one into a state of serenity and peace allowing one to perceive and receive the love energies of the higher planes.  It is beneficial for emotional trauma and hurt, constipation on all levels, toxicity, multi dimensional healing.  This crystal is excellent in enhancing muscle-testing, cleansing and enhancing the organs and efficient receptor for programming.


Somewhere in Norway… by Pawel Kucharski

Dinner dates are so lame. Like let’s awkwardly get to know eachother.


“As is the human body, So is the cosmic body. As is the human mind, So is the common mind. As is the microcosm, So is the macrocosm. As is the atom, So is the universe.”

~ Upanishads: Philosophical Hinduism texts

Artist: Unknown

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